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  • Mission Statement

    The Professional Massage Therapy Program at Tennessee School of Massage is based on the principles of holistic self-care. We believe that a successful massage therapist possesses a high degree of aptitude and attitudinal interest in maintaining vitality through massage.Our purpose is to prepare our students with the highest standards of theory and clinical training in all facets of massage therapy and to help those individuals seeking licensure successfully pass the National Certification Examination and/or MBLEx to become successfully employed in the field of massage therapy.


    Educational Goals & Objectives:


    • To provide a learning environment favorable to the development of the personal qualities which foster growth, professionalism and good moral character.
    • Be eligible to take the examination for their TN, AR & MS Massage License.
    • Be eligible to take the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examinationand/or MBLEx.
    • Be able to perform a therapeutically effective full body massage.
    • Be able to adapt their massage specific client needs.
    • Comprehend and perform adjunct water therapies & spa techniques.
    • Perform pre-event and post-event sports massage and chair massage.
    • Be able to create a marketing & business plan.
    • Understand current, applicable massage laws in TN, AR and/or MS.
    • Be certified in adult CPR and First Aid.
    • Be eligible to apply for membership in the American Massage Therapy Association, the Tennessee Massage Therapy Association and other professional massage organizations.
    • To provide leadership that is responsible to the changing demands of the workplace as well as the individual needs of the student.