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  • Questionnaire

    Questionnaire 2

    • Your Social Style

      Select the option that describes you best for each.
    • School Match

      At Tennessee School of Massage, we are extremely proud of our program and our many successful graduates. However, we are not right for every student. Please answer the following true or false to identify if you are match...
    • More Info

      Answer the following to determine if you have the logistical elements in place to support going to school.
    • Your Support System

      Different people need different amounts of support to succeed, especially with a major lifestyle change such as going to school. There are three main types of support:

      1. Moral Support to help me make good decisions and keep me focused on my goal
      2. Financial Support to help me pay for school and help cover living expenses
      3. Lifestyle Support to help me with things like childcare, transportation, etc.

      Please list 3 people that support you, and the type of support they provide.